Our (Savvy) Story

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Our (Savvy) Story

Myself (Adam) and my fiance (Alisa) are the proud founders of Snack Savvy Vending. You might be interested to know that our backgrounds do not originate in healthy vending, or even in traditional vending for that matter.  Following university, Alisa spent seven years as a systems engineer for a multi-national technology company, whilst I was employed for eight years as a consulting engineer in the field of contaminated land assessment.  As a result, our decision to bring healthier vending to Melbourne was based on our passion for healthier eating and our desire to create a truly beneficial service that we can proudly promote.

We follow very active lifestyles and have an extensive history of sporting pursuits.  We strongly support the organic food industry and home gardening.

We both share an intense desire to learn, to eat well, and to help others.  With the current forecasts for childhood and adult obesity gaining much public attention, our resolve continues to strengthen.

Our goal is to drive the community to greater health by providing convenient access to healthier eating choices.  We believe that convenience is a key factor in promoting healthier alternatives to traditional snacks.  Our business proudly pursues a truly win-win outcome for all parties and this principal lies at the heart of our passion.  We hope you can benefit from our service and we’d love the opportunity to support your endeavours in healthier eating!

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