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City of Melbourne and Savvy team up for GLER

The City of Melbourne have developed Green Light Eat Right (GLER), a program aimed at improving the accessibility and range of nutritious food available in Melbourne. In addition, the program enables consumers to make

How to get a Vending Machine

So you could do with some convenient access to snacks and drinks throughout the day. Maybe your nearest shop or cafe is a fair walk away or maybe it's just never open when you

How Does a Vending Machine Work?

According to Smithsonian vending machines have been around since the first century A.D. and were invented by Hero of Alexandria to dispense Holy Water at temples. The vending machines of today still dispense water

Our (Savvy) Story

Myself (Adam) and my fiance (Alisa) are the proud founders of Snack Savvy Vending. You might be interested to know that our backgrounds do not originate in healthy vending, or even in traditional vending

Buying a vending machine business

So you are thinking of buying a vending machine business. Well, at Snack Savvy Vending we don't sell vending machines or vending machine businesses but we do enjoy running a Melbourne based vending machine