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Hospital Vending Services

Given that the primary purpose of health care centres is to provide improvements to people’s health, sending the right message about diet is crucial. Couple that with an ever increasing focus on chronic disease prevention and the need for health care centres to set a healthly image, healthy vending is a key addition to your venue.

Get Snack Savvy and tick the box on healthy vending for your hospital. Not only can you provide your hospital a vending machine service that meets the latest government Healthy Choices Guidelines for hospitals but you will enjoy a healthier snack and drink range that we know people love 24/7.

If your caterers manage vending for your hospital be sure to ask them to get in touch with us to discuss how Snack Savvy can manage or compliment vending services for your hospital on their behalf.

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Get Snack Savvy vending machines for:

  • Exposure to a greater audience for vending by offering a genuine compliment to traditional vending outlets, thereby increasing the choice available to customers;
  • A product range derived by specialists in traffic light labeling, read how we have worked with the City of Melbourne to introduce Green Light Eat Right Vending machines;
  • Healthy commissions;
  • State of the art vending machines with guaranteed vend systems, remote telemetry and attractive healthy branding;
  • No obligation trial periods.

Snack and Drink Vending Products for Hospitals

Snack Savvy is independent and has relationships with a number of suppliers. With a large and growing number of snacks and drinks including organic and gluten free options on offer, we’re sure to have something for everyone. We are happy to add to our product range for your hospital, so long as all the products have a clear health and wellbeing benefit.

Here are some of the popular snacks and drinks currently available from Snack Savvy vending machines 24/7. Product suggestions and feedback are always welcomed.

Coolridge WaterEmma Toms BarRaspberry Quencher DrinkOrganic 25g Sea SaltSlim Secrets Mintabolism BarKoala PopcornCoconut Water

Ajitas BBQ


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