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A study by Medibank Private* found that healthy employees are 3 times more productive and take 9 times less sick leave than their unhealthy colleagues. So, having healthy employees can make a real difference to your company’s bottom line.

*The Health of Australia’s Workforce, Medibank Private study, November 2005.

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Snack Savvy can provide you a hassle free and cost free way to promote employee health and wellbeing in your office or workplace. Offering a health and wellbeing program for employees can set your company apart from others. In a tight labour market, this can help your company attract and retain the best staff.

  • Create a fun, healthy workplace.  A healthier and happier workforce is more productive with less staff turnover.  This means a better bottom line for your business and a more pleasant place to work for everyone.
  • Make staff feel more appreciated. The Snack Savvy service shows you care for the wellbeing of your staff.
  • Build a strong message for your business by keeping what you do internally consistent with what you do externally. This is particularly important for companies with active health and wellness programs and any businesses related to the health and wellbeing industry.
  • Promote an image of good corporate responsibility, helping to attract new staff and build trust with your customers and clients.

At Snack Savvy, we understand that people are time poor yet still want to be proactive.  That’s why our vending service promotes a fun, healthy workplace without you having to do anything other than point to where you’d like a machine.

Snack and Drink Vending Products for Offices and Workplaces

Missed breakfast? Try an Up-and-Go and Emma and Toms snack bar. Got a 3pm craving? How about some yummy Gourmet Organic Cobbs Popcorn? Snack Savvy is independent and has relationships with a number of suppliers. With a large and growing number of snacks and drinks including organic and gluten free options on offer, we’re sure to have something for everyone. We are happy to tailor our product lists to each venue, so long as all the products have a clear health and wellbeing benefit.

Here are just some popular snacks and drinks for the workplace.

Product lists are tailored to your office workplace. Suggestions and feedback are always welcomed.

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