Frequently Asked Questions

Typical products in our machines might include:

  • Popcorn (low in saturated fat);
  • ‘Vege’ chips including beetroot and sweet potato chips;
  • Rice crackers;
  • Tuna snacks;
  • Muesli bars;
  • Dried and pressed fruit bars;
  • Fruit and nut mixes;
  • Reduced fat, small volume milk drinks;
  • Fruit juices and smoothies;
  • Protein bars and drinks (where appropriate); and
  • Water (the healthiest of all!)

Our prices closely match those of traditionally vended products, so you can expect snack bars in the range of $1.50 – $3.00, chips around $1.50 – $2.80 and drinks anywhere from $2.00 – $5.50 (protein drinks). Please note, prices may vary from the above ranges for specific venues such as airports, railways stations and other premier retail spaces.

Contact us for a detailed product list.

We normally provide you with our suggestion for a starting product list that our experience has shown us ought to be suitable for your venue, but you are more than welcome to pick other products from our extended product list if you like.

Yes. Most of our ‘chip’ and popcorn range is gluten free and so are many of our snack bars. With one of our founders being an avid avoider of all things gluten, we hear your needs!

Yes, we operate on a contractual basis for a number of reasons, but primarily to clearly explain what our responsibilities are to you and what your responsibilities are to us. Your responsibilities are essentially limited to allowing us access to install and service the machine and to provide power and a safe environment. Our responsibilities cover all facets of managing the service and paying commission (where appropriate).

Our contracts are typically for a two year period. After the end of the two years, at any time you can simply provide three months notice to ask us to leave and take our machine with us! However, if you would like to terminate the contract within the first two years, we do charge an early termination fee which is $300 per machine.

We always offer a three month trial period in which we waive the early termination fee so you can get a feel for whether the service is right for your venue without having to worry about any costs from us whatsoever. After the three months is up and if you don’t want to continue with the service, you simply let us know and we remove the machine(s) no questions asked and at no cost to you.

We do not charge any installation or servicing costs and simply make our profit by buying stock at wholesale prices and selling at retail prices. So, other than the early termination fee explained above, we do not charge you for our service.

The only other cost to your venue is the cost of electricity to power the machine, which would be comparable to that of a large fridge. We use energy efficient machines that learn to decrease power usage during periods of low sales, such as overnight and during weekends in office areas. This not only reduces the cost of electricity, but can help to limit your venue’s carbon footprint as well.

We typically operate combination vending machines which offer both snacks and drinks in the one unit. Our standard machines are 99 cm wide by 89 cm deep by 183 cm high. For venues with tight access we can remove the door of the machine which cuts down the effective depth to 80 cm so we can usually fit a machine through a standard single entry doorway.

If space is a problem, we can often source machines with a smaller footprint. Please contact us to discuss.

Our machines typically weigh around 380kgs when fully loaded with snacks and drinks.

Using a very clever device, our transport crew is able to manoeuvre our machines over stairs without a hitch.

Our machines simply need a standard power point (no three phase power or anything fancy like that). The machines cannot be run off of a power board, extension lead or double adaptor – they need to be plugged directly into a wall socket. The power leads for the machines are either 2 m or 5 m, depending on what you need.

Our machines are typically for indoor use but we can source outdoor machines if required.

We can usually have a machine installed and operating within three weeks, but worst case it might be up to six weeks if our distributors have none in stock.

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