How do you get Snack Savvy?

It’s simple really…

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  1. We visit you at your venue to discuss your needs and ensure the service is right for you.

  2. We provide and install the vending machine at your location FREE.

  3. We refill and maintain your vending machine. Let us do all the work, it’s FREE!

  4. You will enjoy convenient access to a wide range of health focused snacks and drinks

  5. Qualifying sites receive a commission too.

Life doesn’t get much easier than that!

Once the vending machine is operating, there is very little you need to do. You don’t need to call us when stocks look to be running low as we will already know because we have remote access to the machine (clever huh!) and will have scheduled your next visit. The machines also have a sensor that detects whether a successful vend has been made and, if not, will return the customer’s money (also clever!). For the very odd occasion that a product may fool the machine into thinking it has successfully vended a product, we provide a free call 1800 number clearly on the front of the machine for customers to call so we can apologise, get a refund to them and correct the issue asap.

Remote Monitoring. The machines talk to us over the internet so we know when to top up!

1800 Number displayed on the machine that comes straight to us in (the very rare) case of a machine breakdown.

Full Public Liability Insurance for your peace of mind.

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